Sunday, September 28, 2008


some gouache sketches while i was there.

new mosquito bites
new memories
new paintings.

we were attacked by invasive raccoons that were 50+ lbs at LEAST.
they stole our brand new bread, broke into our nutella, messed up our table, and among other things.
i have never been scared of raccoons until this weekend. they growled at us, and drove us into cars and tents. we were helpless. :( they knew no fear. high beams, yelling... they still advanced. until the next day, the guys decided it was war, and started to carve spears. mostly for their personal manly enjoyment. that night, they came again. and this time they were prepared. no casualties. just a bunch of pebbles chucked their way, and after about the 10th attempt, they finally left. but not before eating what they could. honestly. no fear.

the beach was g o r g e o u s. and the best part, was that there was NOBODY. i painted, but it turned out really lame. no justice. i blame the blackflies. i had to literally stand/run while painting. but we built an anatomically correct naked sand woman, and played in the water. =D

before i forget. here's something i did last month for fun =D
i apologize for crappy phone picture. scans are worse. 

i'll post a better version later. 

p.s. i found my justin sweeeeeet =D


Andrew Murray said...

Oh my gentle Jesus.

THAT would have been a sight to see. Anjer-AH! fighting to the death with a pack of ravenous raccoons! Its really funny when you think about it, but it's also really sad too. you'll probably tell me though, in a serious tone, that it REALLY was you or them.

*sigh* sounds like some awesome times.
Back to work now.

Dominic Philibert said...

Thanx for your kind words Zila!
I'm a huge Buster Keaton's fan!!!!!!
your newest paintings are nice
Keep it up.
And keep me posted!!

Garrett Hanna said...

The loss of nutella is no matter to be taken lightly.