Tuesday, December 16, 2008


yah.. it's really incomplete... i struggled a lot trying to finish the animation... never mind cleanup... i think i did like.. a drawing an hour or something for animating this. no idea why. it was REALLY hard to animate this semester. THEN i had some problems... with compositing this, just like everyone else, and painted each frame by hand. really retarded. there's a lot more stuff to this that i wanted to do, and there's supposed to be a samurai jack close up with the wide screen black frame thingy, and the story is actually different from what you see. i just cut the animation so that it would fit into the leica i had, since i had no time to make a new one. :( anyway. it's not the story, i know there are lots of problems with the cleanup/animation, so hopefully HOPEFULLY i'll... "finish" it over the break. HAHA. we'll see. =D

ps. first allnighter. as the years go by, allnighters become more and more challenging. i don't know if i'll have any left for my last year next year!!!! :S

pps. hope everyone has an awesome holiday. =D i skipped too much the last week, so i haven't seen much ppl. but yah. happy christmas and merry new year! =DD

ppps. i just noticed this. the wide screen is cut off in youtube! LAME!!!!! so u can't see his nice mucus-y spit!!!!


Hyein Lee said...

*whistle* it looks great to me!
Some talent! Yup, his spit spewing out is pretty gross (hidden germophobe in me squirms). Cute nonetheless.

You have a Leica!?! Oh my god. I so want one. Because... you know Doona Bae, the Korean actress? She has one...

Happy holiday and new year to you.

Garrett Hanna said...

Colour me impressed.

If this were a delicious piece of pie I would caress it with my finger tips.

Seriously though, I love it and colouring it frame by frame added some grit to it that makes it exceptional. Especially in his rosy cheeks.


Amanda said...

Thanks Angela 8)
It took forever, and I didn't end up getting the final done on time >_>

Yours is really nice! It's really smooth and the cleanup looks consistent. Great job :D

jimmy ly said...

this is awesome! fantastic job on the goober projectile; and the antic was great. I'm still cracking up haha