Monday, August 10, 2009

square post!

finally!!! a new post! how exciting!! (for me)

so... these are my very first square foot show pieces i've submitted!
the first one is done in oil. i struggled like craaazy over that one since it's been a while since i touched oil! (years?) but i missed it, and loved it. hahaha so we got re-acquainted, and i hope oil forgives me for neglecting it.

the second one was gouache. i kept it super simple since i went all out on the first one. dang. i need to paint traditionally more. but i can't lie, photoshop and vectors are super fast, and easy. word.

i hope everyone's having an awesome summer so far!
it's been the best summer of my life so far!! (to my goldfish memory)
so i'm super pleased.

these photos were taken by my beautiful and talented friend lisa thank u lisa! u da bomb baby!


mélanie daigle said...

Upside down clouds!! :D

allison j. sichling said...

lovely square foot paintings! traditional painting it enjoyable, but time consuming.

Andrew Murray said...

wooooo lovely! Id like to see your film done up like the first painting!

very nice

Lindsay said...


you're art is so amazing : )
and so cute~~

i never knew you blogged.. i will come by frequently now!

ANDY ZENG said...

love ur stuff so much!

XAЯA said...

i love your work~ wow!

Chanp said...

hey, saw these pieces at the show, the details were awesome!!
congrats on the sales :)