Wednesday, April 28, 2010

guess who?

so the year's finally... no, the YEARS are finally OVER BABY!!!!
congratulations to EVERYONE and all my wonderful friends!
we've pushed each other to our limits and honestly, i would not be where i'm at today without all the amazing inspiration and talent to motivate me.

no speech.

just a thank you, and that i'm pretty sure i'm going to miss us.

hopefully i can draw more of you guys... but for now... guess who?

good luck on industry day ppl! may we turn down more than we can handle!


Mitch K said...

lol @ ur drawing

Fraeya said...

braiden and adam ! Yes ? :D Is the last one Andrew ?

You too Angela, have an awesome time at industry day.

Garrett Hanna said...

Congrats Angela. These are great!

Also your school years may over but the real years have just begun ;)

Andrew Murray said...


Hyein Lee said...

Very cute people:D
Congratulations! You'll get an awesome job, I'm sure. Pixar??? :D
I love the white background by the way.

gela said...

thanks guyssssss! <3
haha and thanks unni! i like the white on your bg too! :D