Thursday, July 21, 2011

biker red riding hood

so... i think i sketched this last year... and it changed a bit since then. (she used to have pupils instead of dots for instance) anyway. i decided to revive it but got fed up on working on it for the past few nights and decided to just finish it off. i suck at drawing vehicles. hahaha! please don't laugh at my awkward bike. actually, you can. just don't tell me. hahaha :)

anyway! last year, i had a thing with little red riding hood, and did a bunch of other sketches and backgrounds. i'll be working on whatever i can and start sending them off to cyber space.


Mitch K said...

That is so cool!!

... does she have a nosebleed?

gela said...

haha yeah~ she does!

rikit said...

nice new blog :D!