Friday, July 15, 2011

daenerys + dragon

...oh no!!! no white background!

haha. you totally thought i was going to hibernate for another year before i post another piece of artwork that actually required my tablet for what it was made for eh...

i gave birth to my first dragon, and fan art (if it hasn't clicked yet - Game of Thrones from HBO). and no white background! time to celebrate by sleeping! :D

also, custom brushes in this one (mostly for the wings) were stolen from my friend kyu. who got it... from somewhere i forgot.

anyway... it IS my first dragon... i know all you fantasy artists will judge me, (and actually, normal ppl might judge me too..) but be kind please :)
actually, i only put a brown bg, cause i made daenarys too light (and her white hair...) so i thought she'd disappear.

does she? i dunno. meh. u have both now. so be happy. actually, I'M happy.


Mitch K said...

So cool! I dig the brown one.

Adam Temple said...

Such a hot scene! I dunno, something about a woman birthing fire-breathing dragons sent chills up my spine - the verisimilitude maybe? Nice piece Ang.

Fraeya said...

Hey Angela, that's totally sweet. And you had a lot of awesome inspiration. That scene was so epic. You're making me miss Game of Thrones again

Eric "Spillz" Angelillo said...

I want to collab with you. ❤

sarah the baker yoon said...

Love love love this one!!

Charles Ziegelheim said...

Absolutely amazing! This deserves to be a print, calendar piece, or a T-Shirt. Awesome stuff Angela!