Wednesday, September 14, 2011

shiny new post

**EDIT** Photobucket YAYY!!!! i got this gif to work!!! :D

my first comic animation! i've seen it before, and it seemed like a wonderful thing, so i decided to try my hand at it myself.
it was meant to be a small fun project i dabbled in when i felt like i was falling asleep at work, but it turned out to be a great learning adventure! i learned what works and what doesn't in an animation comic and am pretty excited to try another one.
hopefully it'll be better the next time around! :)

note: this actually happened. not that i'm lazy at work. monday mornings are just.. really difficult. :^)


mélanie daigle said...

OMG 2 o'clock food coma! ALL THE TIME!!

I love this, more more!! :)

Amanda said...

Cute! What fun! :D

roskho said...

awesome strip!!

i get it now!!