Thursday, April 25, 2013

Justin Time!

I think for various reasons, these are some of my favorite backgrounds I've done for Justin Time season 2 at Guru Studio. JT is probably my favorite project to have worked on so far, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. The stars were aligned. It wasn't only that it was a good looking show, which it really is (and yes, working on a good looking show helps but it's not everything), but I learned so much and I feel like I've grown from stretching myself constantly. There was always something challenging that drove me to want to be a better artist, and it helped that I was always inspired and humbled for working next to such amazing, wicked-talented artists.

I sort of felt like I needed to express my feelings and reflect on what it was like to work on this show because there were so many things about it that made it really special, including the production team; directors, producers, production managers etc... everyone was awesome to work with. With so many things that could've gone wrong, in this extremely rare case, the stars were aligned, and it was pretty sweet.

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Krissy Kim said...

Whoa! Angela these are gorgie!!

So talented. My favourite is definitely the last one: So much detail and care!

Whoever this Justin kid is, is one helluva lucky cartoon!

ps. the work reminds me of the cute Goggle animations