Wednesday, October 29, 2008


ink is fun. =D
progress of ms. ecks from our film. + character eating another character =D

yesterday my low E and G string broke on my guitar... and i ran out of all available extras... this makes me sad, cause i was really looking forward to practicing. sigh.
furthermore, i don't feel like working anymore. art is slowly beginning to feel like work now, so i'm desperately searching for inspiration and constantly reminding myself to only do what i love, and love what i do. there's so much more i want to do, achieve, paint, draw... but why do i feel so... anti-artistic right now? it's troublesome.

i also miss my puppies at home. :S i miss their doggy stink. =D thank goodness for tea and jon foster


Chanp said...

hey angela
nice drawings, liking your linework.

hope u can find your new inspiration soon...seems like we all have our own share of times like this. keep it fun.

ahah thanks for linking and do u have access to sketchventure? u forgot to add me lol.

mélanie daigle said...

Did someone call for inspiration? Hahaha, I was gonna post this on the blog, but it's not super relevant to the film, so here you go!

Best friends with ink yet?

Lettie Lo said...

haha tea and jon foster <3

Hyein Lee said...

Annyong, Ms Kim!
A Korean girl!?! Hey, I'm a Korean too!
Thanks for gracing my blog. And sweet little candy words.

Wow... your stuff is... awesome! Santa Maria! I love the facial expression of that mean old lady.

Ashes of Time redux is opening tomorrow, and I'm sure it'll inspire me in this dry, bleak period of creative block. :(

Keep warm.

XAЯA said...

i love these doddles, angela. ziinged.

i hope you get your inspiration back, maybe doodle on a the sidewalk with chalk?

Ken said...

you have nice work here! I enjoy your sketches

Andrew Murray said...

your film reminded me of this story of my grandfather,

when he was a boy in Ireland, he had this witch of a teacher, and back then they would smack you around just for looking funny. So he would get the occasional slap with a ruler, or pull to the ear. But one day he got his revenge because the teacher told him to go out to the well and fill the kettle up for some tea. so my grandfather took the kettle out and walked over to the well, dropped his pants to his ankles and proceeded to fill up the kettle. To which he took back to the teacher and she boiled it and made herself a cup of tea.

True story I swear to God!
anywho nice artwork, keep on pumpin out more for me to see.

Joseph Lee said...

Great drawings!

Tobias Schwarz said...

great blog!

Andrew Murray said...

you guys have probably thought of this movie for inspiration, but if you havent by some weird chance,

check this out

gela said...

thank you everyone! lots of love <3

Mattias said...

Very expressive stuff!