Tuesday, October 7, 2008

mush mush

super simple aa leica. 3 scenes. i love it. the simplicity that is... =D
i could've gone a little tighter, but i was on a super early deadline... about 5 days earlier due to my awesome sauce camping trip.

last one's my workbook. i finished the package plus the workbook for last week friday, then i find it's been delayed two weeks later. so now i'm cruisin.... with finishing up an essay, and a cold that shot my throat, my nose, and my brain. :S i sound like the devil herself.

p.s. i'm working with sculpey now!!! aluminum foil, wires and all!!! soon baking, sanding and painting! let me tell you how much i love it... i love it. =D thanks melanie!

p.p.s. nuit blanche was laaaaaaame... save for a couple of interesting installations. it was an excuse for idjiots to get drunk, get high, and act like complete ....tards. durrr...


Lettie Lo said...

ditto nuit blanchee

cute drawings!! the concept of the kid on the ball is super cute!

Garrett Hanna said...

Does a bird even need to go by and leave a feather? I don't think people are going to question why he would sneeze. he could just start to sniffle and then ACHOO! The clouds look like they are upside down in your work book images... blows my mind...

Hope you get over your cold soon!

gela said...

oh! that's true... true true true.
excellent point! =DDD
thanks so much garebear!! =D love ur comments! ^^ the clouds ARE upside down! dun dun DUNNNN =DDD

my cold is much better thank u!!

Wayne-Michael Lee said...

Cute stuff. Loving the pose on the last drawing.

Keep it up Raccoon beater!

Hodges said...

youve got some cool stuff here, especially the hairy green dude, id like to see some more of that.

with the story bit, i would start on a cu of folding the plane, then cut out to show the kid on 1 ball but not show the stack, after he throws the plane and shakes a bit, then recovers and sighs, cut to a reveal of the long shot, more dramatic then the long truck out. instead of the feather his plane could hit him in the face. then instead of the feather falling on him a ball should fall on his face (more funny, could hit his balls instead). it works as is this is just for suggestion on what i think could improve it.

Hodges said...

oh yeah and nuit blanche was way better last year except for a freaky opera singing garbage monster that I saw at 4:00am next to a church, and upsidedown clouds are cool.

gela said...

puahahahahahahahaha mr. jodges! ur rendition is quite hilarious!! i'm gonna have to do some serious story tweaking over the break now~ balls hitting his face or his balls!! (but don't we need a table to fold paper airplanes?? o_O or is that just me being untalented in the engineering of a paper plane??) but maybe i've seen the talented fold in mid-air. so it could work! =DDD

did you go nuit blanche this year??? the only the i enjoyed was the pong, space invader thingy and the tetris lights at city hall~

3 cheers for upsidedown clouds! =D

Nick Thornborrow said...

Hey Eunzi. Your latest posts have some cool explorations. Keep show casing your diversity and talents!

I'm sorry to hear about Nuit Blanche. I only went once and thought it was such a great concept and couldn't wait to see how they would expand upon it the following year. I was sorry to miss it when I moved out west.

Hope third year's treating you somethin fair!