Friday, November 19, 2010

i'm sorry my blog..

it's been forever...
so since forever, i have:
-graduated from sheridan, and now hold a BA in animation. (hurray-?)
-worked 3 different contracts, and currently am a designer for backgrounds/characters and animator (later)
-am also working pt as a TA at ocad for hyein's class in flash. - thank u!

i've also been really busy with church things, and getting my application/portfolio together for graduate school. i know... it's a HOLE NOTHA LEVEL! some may think i'm crazy. but it's ok. i think i am too. on top of all that, i'm attempting to do several video projects. one for a friend... and several for myself... and one for church. i know, i know, it's crazy. i'm crazy.

anyway. with all that's been going on... i feel pretty pressed for time. deadlines deadlines DEADLINES!!! almost just as bad as undergrad at sheridan.

also NEW!!! --> i'm learning to play the bass!!


Garrett Hanna said...

Busy busy busy

Ricardo Chucky said...

loved you style! congratulations!