Thursday, February 10, 2011

piggy bank!

Community Bank - "Moving Day" from guru studio on Vimeo.

hello hello!
it's a bit frustrating when you have a bunch of stuff you can't show (yet)
and my sad excuse of not having enough time to do much personal work, is no excuse.
ACTUALLY, that's a lie. i HAVE been doing personal stuff. it's just not drawring/painting related!
but as soon as i get the ok to post some development work i did for a a couple of prospective tv series, i will post!! (but don't count on it, cause i've been told it may take as long as 13 years...)

until then~~ this is the bank commercial i worked on with matt (the super cool director) and ryan (super amazing animator - mr. pig + the bank manager)

what did i do? designs for backgrounds and secondary characters plus animating them. it was fun!! there's another bank commercial coming soon! currently being composited! exciiiittingggggg

(pretty sure i had work in progress sketches somewhere... i can't find them at the moment -boo... )


mélanie daigle said...

Saw this one a while ago - I should've known you worked on this, those characters are totally you! Working on commercials must be so much fun!! Like making a whole bunch of different, short, fun little films!

gela said...

hahhaa thanks!!! it's weird to hear ppl say that i have a certain "look"
but it is fun! it is it is!!!
actually, it depends. (on the client) but for the most part it's fun! the worst part is the super fast deadlines which can be stressful and prevents me from finessing stuff - lack of skill on my part i guess! :(

Mitch K said...

That is so awesome!! You work on commercials, and that is really cool.

Eric "Spillz" Angelillo said...

Very pleasant, I feel convinced by the commercial, haha!